Sycamore Class

Mrs Essex and Mrs Birch are the class teachers.

Mrs Birch works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 

Mrs Essex works Wednesday , Thursday and Friday.


We have been planting bulbs ready for Spring. We painted stones using the theme Autumn ready to play a game of apples and leaves.

Look at our Art displays inspired by Henri Rousseau.

Here is our science display on Materials.

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Sycamore tree in leaf
Sycamore tree in leaf

       Welcome to Sycamore Class.

This half term we are thinking about fossils and dinosaurs. Our science topic is 'Everyday Materials'.



In music we have been using a rhythm grid to create different rhythm patterns to clap and play on percussion instruments.



We have been investigating different surfaces for ramps. We marked how far the cars travelled on the different surfaces. We found that bubble wrap was a useless surface for a ramp while a smooth surface like paper was good.

We are exploring how we can change the shape of some solid objects using different forces.

Today we have been finding out how flexible different plastic  containers are.

In groups we performed an Autumn poem from memory. We added actions to enhance our performance.

     This is our display about Mary Anning.

Today Richard a geologist came to talk to Year 2 about rocks and fossils. 

We have been playing dodgeball in the sports hall at Anthony Gell School.

Which materials would be good to mend a leaking bucket ? We carried out an experiment to find out.

Today we visited the Stone Centre to look for fossils.

Today we have been finding out the properties of different materials.

Here are some of our experiments.