School Improvement Planning

Action plans addressing key areas for school improvement.


  • Strategic Development Plan
  • School Improvement Maintenance Plan
  • Key issue 1 School Improvement Plan 'To look at provision in reading across the Federation with the aim of ensuring every child’s needs are met and they have the best possible opportunities to reach their potential whilst promoting a shared love of reading.'
  • Key issue 2 School Improvement Plan 'To review and implement Federation procedures and new Local Authority arrangements for attendance and punctuality so that they impact positively and effectively on attendance data and outcomes for all children and groups across the Federation'
  • Key issue 3 School Improvement Plan 'To evaluate current long and medium term curriculum provision within the EYFS and at Key Stage 1 ensuring that across the Federation it is coherently planned and sequenced providing all children the opportunity to develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum, and as a result achieve well.'
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